Last post – things are changing :)

Hi guys,

As you all know I am gearing up for a massive world trip in June and I’ve decided that it’s perfect timing for something fresh, something new. I will no longer be posting at Under My Bodhi Tree…..instead I am in the middle of creating a travel blog of all my adventures so I can stay in contact and keep everyone up to date in between Skype, emails and phone calls, and so I can show plenty of pretty pictures too.

The info;

New site:

New Facebook:

New Twitter:

and I’m using the same old insty account. Hope to see you all over at my new diggs :)



The Last Few Weeks


I have been in ultra organising mode this past week and it has hit me so hard how quickly this year is flying past already….Right now my man and I are busy de-cluttering, throwing out everything we really won’t need ever again and putting our stuff in boxes (hence us currently sleeping on the floor). This isn’t just the usual itchy feet 6 months has passed and I’m tired of this place move this is a -everything we put into a box we won’t see for at least a year- move. I couldn’t be more excited!!!


We are heading back to mum and dads for a few months at the end of this week in order to save some much needed money for our round the world travel-ganza in June. 3 months of playing guest with all of our stuff packed up and only a few clothes should provide us with good practice for living out of a suitcase for the best part of a year. What a way to spend our first few months as a married couple!


Anyway amidst all this chaos and wedding planning I have been doing next to no updates at all so thought I’d post some pics of the last two weeks which saw me celebrate my 25th Birthday and my Hens weekend.


As I mentioned in one of my previous posts…this awesome man organised a surprise party for me. This is the same awesome man whom I am to wed in 12 short days (still a bit surreal, can you tell I’m excited yet ;P)


Birthday night celebrations were spent at my family’s…this is a candid pic taken by my captures a precious moment in time where my equally awesome sister-cousin and I sat playing previews for the upcoming Outlander series – a book we are both devout followers and lovers of…(celebratory Sarsaparilla in hand).


Annnnnnd, this is me being ‘artistic’ with my favourite new toy :D It is so lovely to use. Best present ever!!!


Our go-to place for a little couple quite time (and the most amazing fish and chips) So nice to just sit by the water and have some time in nature, whilst being able to people watch (a favourite pastime of mine).

2014-02-01 00.58.40

This is the end of the night that was the start of my Hens Weekend. We went out with friends for some valley style yum-cha and some drinks….I of course was made to wear the obligatory cheap veil, Bride to be banner and a big helium balloon announcing our girls night out. This balloon was then tied to Bridie for the remainder of the night where she managed to hit and annoy people continuously..great fun!!

2014-02-01 12.42.40

This was the start of our amazing Palazzo Versace journey. So many delicious cocktails were sipped over this weekend. The stand out being the Spiced Apple Martini….heaven in a martini glass I swear. Soooo good!

2014-02-02 11.03.15


When we came to book in we found that unfortunately our rooms had been double booked…as a result we were FORCED to stay in a 3 bed 3 bath private condominium (it was hard trust me)

2014-02-01 13.56.34

This was our living room…gotta get me some pillars like these! Talk about luxury, there was soo much detail in every little thing, the Versace face even adorned the pillows, the spoons and the glasses.

2014-02-01 14.44.53


Just chilling on the artificial beach. The day started rainy but decided to clear just for us and we had a few hours of beautiful sunny weather :)

2014-02-01 14.55.11


Such a hard life…..

2014-02-01 16.55.27


And of course the rooms came with bathrobes and complimentary slippers. Just what you need to rug up in when you get out of the private spa bath…

2014-02-01 18.25.41


The sunset view over the water was also pretty spectacular. We even had a turn down service where someone came into our rooms and turned down our bedsheets and fluffed our pillows, which I didn’t really think was all that necessary, we all have functioning arms and hands after all but the nice lady left us some delicious chocolates so I guess it was ok.

2014-02-01 18.27.39

It was such an amazing weekend where I got to just chill out with my girls, it was lovely to spend some time being pampered with my mum too. The whole weekend made me feel so grateful for every special person in my life. I feel so loved and cared for, family and friends really are a true blessing.

Well I really just wanted to update the blog with what’s been happening and to share some pretty pictures…better get back to packing boxes and planning the last bits and pieces for the weeding…I am sure you will soon be overloaded with wedding and honeymoon pics in the next few weeks so watch out ;)


Releasing Your Wild Thing!

Until not too long ago I was always afraid of ‘Wild Thing’, mostly because it looked pretty simple, everyone in classes around me seemed to do it with ease but there was just something I could never seem to grasp and I think it was more the chance of failure and looking silly that scared me more than actually doing the pose and hurting myself. I had it so deeply ingrained that I’d never be able to make the smooth transition from Downdog to Wild Thing and I would just have to resign to the fact that it would be one of those poses I would just never do…or at least never do well.

2014-02-06 16.16.16

This was until I spent some hardcore time just me and my mat, confronting my ‘fear’ and spent some time flipping my dog over and over again until it came easy, until it was smooth, until I finally cracked that idea of ‘no you can’t’. Since then it has become one of my favourite poses. The final step in truly confronting my irk with this pose was teaching it in my class.

How would they react, would they be too afraid to give it a go like I was, would they downright hate it and not come again for fear it would be a regular thing in my classes (irrational I know but fears generally are). Last night, after some warming up, about midway through I brought this option to my students, there were clearly a few reservations, some audible groans and then every single one of them tried it, most of whom were successful. I was on cloud 9!! I had done it, and you know what, after class one of my students came up and said it was one of the best classes they have had. AWESOME!!

2014-02-06 16.15.19

This magic and invigorating pose (sanskrt name; Camatkarasana) is a whole lot of things in one, it opens the chest and the heart, builds strength, stretches the hips and hip flexors, energises, is a nice lead to other backbends and is a nice balancing pose as well. This pose teaches you to let go, encourages you to be open, to expand and yet also feel yourself grounded and connected to earth.

How to Get Your Wild Thing On;

Begin in Down Dog then begin to open through the hips by lifting one leg high into a Down Dog split, then bend the knee of the lifted leg so that toes are pointing to the opposite side.

Slowly begin to stack your hips, bringing the lifted leg over to the side a little more, whilst turning the opposite hand and grounded foot on an angle ready for a back bend, come into the outside of the grounded foot, pressing your weight into the hand of the same side. Now it’s time to flip your dog!

Lift the hand of your non-grounded leg up and sweep it over above the head and beyond, arching your back and lifting the hips at the same time. Bring the lifted leg over even more, flatten your grounded foot and if it feels good bring your previously lifted foot down toward the ground coming to rest on the balls of your foot. Curl your head back, extending the neck and looking behind you. Reach the lifted hand out spreading your fingers and really releasing into this amazing stretch!

2014-02-06 16.14.33

(Please Note; Avoid practicing this pose if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or rotator cuff injuries.)

So give it a go if you haven’t already and tell me what you think about it, did you come up against some resistance to start with or was it love at first flip for you?




Such Different Eats by Tara Bliss + Glen Farmer (get it NOW)

Full disclosure: These recipes may cause swooning. In fact, they may seduce you. #SuchDifferentEats 

Such-Different-Eats-Cover-723x1024                   Such-Different-Eats-Promo-1.6

Yesterday I bought a copy of Tara Bliss + Glen Farmers e-cookbook baby and I have to say it’s just AMAZING! I have already tried a couple of recipes. The (mostly) raw desserts are my favourite and I can say they are as delish as they look, are pretty easy to make and best of all after consuming them you aren’t left feeling bloaty, ick or regretful of your choices. WINNER!!

I have previously posted a pic of the strawberries and cream ‘cheesecake’ I made on Insty, it didn’t last long in my fridge, so had to stop once have that first bite. Anyway I was just wanting to spread the Such Different Eats love, I can’t recommend it enough if your looking for something a little healthier than the average dinner or dessert without compromising on taste. GET IT NOW (you can thank me later).

Get it HERE – Such Different Eats; Tara Bliss + Glen Farmer


25 !! It’s my birthday !! 25

Today I am a quarter of a century old…well a quarter of a century young really. It has been more of a birthday long weekend than just a birthDAY for me…I have been super spoilt, I am one lucky lady!


It started on Saturday where I woke up early and went out to brekky with Ma and Pa. My man was meant to come but he decided to stay home and mow then lawn (bless him). Despite planning to get back early we spent the majority of the day out shopping for the upcoming wedding – it’s not far now – super excited!! Even though it was for my own benefit, I started to get a bit cranky, I am not a fan of shopping, at all. I just wanted to go home and have a nap but mum and dad somehow managed to think of things they really needed to get done before they dropped me off. I was just about to buckle up the belt on my cranky pants when we pulled into my driveway (finally) and I saw way too many cars parked out front. OF COURSE! I thought it was really odd that my man passed up yummy food for mowing duties, and that the folks were a little more off with the fairies than usual, it all made sense now. My wonderful man had organised a surprise party at home, and I had no clue. Sneeky bugger!


This was one of my presents…to say I am delighted would be the understatement of the year. I have wanted one of these babies for I don’t know how long. It’s the perfect size and takes devine photos… will be put to good use this year with all our travels :D

content_Shorncliffe Image

Sunday was spent moseying around, getting fish and chips by the water and of course testing out my new toy. It was great to just have some time chilling with my man. We finished the day our favourite way by watching dvds and eating tacos (YESSS)


On Monday I did a bit of cleaning up then hung out with my sista Tara up the coast. It was windy as a mofo and we are obviously both complete wusses cuz we couldn’t quite pluck up the courage to get in the water. After a choc-chai latte and a couple of fresh juices at Ground (amazing) we headed over to Mt Coolum and put our fitness to the test (legs are still shaking today). There is something purely magical about sitting atop a mountain on a really windy day and looking out towards the sea. I felt so cleansed!


Today (my actual birthday) I woke up at 430am, opening some pressies with my love then headed off to teach my morning yoga classes. It has been a windy, rainy day and I am sooo grateful it is. I love the sunshine but sometimes my soul cries out for a cool rainy day to bunker in…today was one such day. I got home from yoga, poured myself a hot bubble bath, grabbed my book (book 2 of Diana Gabaldon series – a MUST read, I can’t put it down when I start) and soaked til my fingers looked like prunes. I’ve just been pottering around since and intend to spend the rest of the day in this manner, or curled up with my book again – cuz I just can’t get enough of it!!! Tonight I am indulging in some delish Thai with my family and that will just about wrap up an awesome birthweekend :D




I love yoga, I live and breathe it, it is my soul medicine and without it I’m like a crack addict without their hit, I get twitchy, agitated, my body starts to cramp and I become near intolerable. I had tried lots of different styles and variations except for one…..until this morning.


Ashtanga, sure I’ve heard of it, knew the theory, but I had never practiced myself. Over the past few days I have felt a calling to give it a shot. All my current inspirational yogini eye candy were dead hot on it. Smoking’ bods, super impressive strength, flexibility up the yin-yang, and mostly all current or prior followers of the ashtanga method. What’s not to loose, think I’ll give it a shot…tomorrow maybe…..


Well tomorrow came at about 5am this morning. I woke up feeling all tight and uncomfortable in my bed and a voice was shouting ‘move’ inside my head. So I set up my alter, laid out my mat booted up my online yoga classroom and got to work…ashtanga full primary series here I come. HOLY CRAP!



So here’s the description of Ashtanga as per my online classroom… “Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga as taught Sri K. Pattabhi Jois is a system of postures linked together by breath and movement. This is an ancient and powerful discipline for cultivating physical, mental and spiritual health. Progressive techniques of breath, posture and movement, cleanse, stretch and strengthen the body as well as focus and calm the mind. A deeper experience of the self becomes possible through consistent practice.”


I don’t know exactly what aspect it was about it but I had never felt such resistance in my body, and it’s definitely not as if I haven’t been practicing for weeks. It took me at least 30 minutes to get my head in the game but once I was there, well, I think I fell a little bit in love. I found it really challenging, not just the asanas but more my ability, or inability, to complete some of the poses to their full potential. I had to really just settle into my breath and let the frustration subside, I was present, I was on my mat and I was working it, isn’t that good enough?


I simultaneously felt stronger and weaker than I have for a long time. The different flow of this style definitely takes a little getting used to (especially when you’re used to a more free flow, do what you want kinda practice) but I can feel the benefit of every asana as I am doing it. I can see my strengths and very clearly my deficits (read; the ashtanga pickup and jump-back, I’ll get there one day I swear), I can see what needs more work and just how far I’ve come in other areas. It is a wonderfully well rounded practice and I can definitely see myself coming back to this style, it’s kind of exciting to think just how much I can grow, what limits I can push this body to.


The thing I found most difficult? Shavasana!! I was so energised by the end of the practice that lying still was the hardest thing in the world, I had the to-do lists running through my head along with a thousand other thoughts. I had done a solid 90 minute practice, do I really need to lie here for another 10 minutes? YES. So I did, it was so bloody hard, but I did. Best 100 minutes spent this morning. And what a way to start my day :D If you haven’t tried ashtanga before or are looking for a different style of yoga I definitely recommend you give it a go, just remember to be patient with yourself and most importantly…BREATHE! xo

Project Wedding Dress

This week begins the start of a whole new year, and a big one at that. 2014 will be another massive year for my man and I, starting with our wedding in February. There is approximately 6 weeks until I walk down that aisle to the join the man I will be with for the rest of my life. It will be a quick 6 weeks – as everybody and their dog has been so kind to remind us – and whilst I sit here feeling hungover from all the sugar and crap I have managed to OD on over the Christmas period, I am well aware that if I am to fit into my wedding dress, stuff has gotta change – girl’s gotta look hot in that gown. Cue ‘Project Wedding Dress’.



It starts tomorrow, because it’s the start of a new week, and so that I have a 2 day head start on the new year. The best thing is my man is in on it too, together we will aim to exercise 6 times a week, cut out the crap that we have been funnelling down our throats this past month, get fit, toned and healthy and create some habits that we can continue on with after the wedding. We are more than aware of just how horrible we will probably be for the first 2 weeks as the detox and sugar withdrawals really start to kick in, but I’m sure if we can get through this, we will be stronger for it…that’s true love!


I plan on amping up the juicing/smoothies again, going back to cutting out all dairy, processed sugars and having a mainly plant based diet again. My pinterest boards are now filled with exercise plans, vegan, paleo and ‘clean eating’ recipes and I aim to pre-plan all our meals a week ahead of time so that we only buy what we need and so not having fresh healthy ingredients can’t be an excuse for eating crap. 



So here’s goodbye to crap food, sedentary ass-glued-to-the-couch habits, bingo wings, crappy sleep and feeling like warmed up poop 24/7 and hello to real food, movement, more energy, clear skin and a hot body fit for that wedding dress ;) I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how I go and welcome any tips, recipes and tricks you can provide along the way.